Why trade with GlobalMarkets?                                Prop-ret

Our traders enjoy the highest payout structure and lowest trading fees in the industry.Each of our trader get access to daily trading levels of major indices,daily economic news calendar and access to live market news. Our traders trade firms capital which means they earn risk free payouts and when we say payout we mean payout without any delay since it’s the traders hard earned money. Our trading charges are straight forward and are written in the contract letter of each trader which provide transparency in our conduct of business.

 Competitive pricing                              

Pricing is always important to a trader. A professional grade commission structure can greatly enhance your ability to succeed. We provide you upfront with a very competitive commission scale. This simple scale shows you in black and white that you will always be paying a low competitive execution rate regardless of your share volume, and the more you trade the less you pay per share.


 Reducing your execution Costs

The market is changing rapidly, and in ways that can leave uninformed traders drowning in costs. We educate our traders on which routes are best to use when adding or removing liquidity with market and limit orders. We pass through all routing charges AND REBATES to you, so understanding our various routing options can save you a lot of money in the long run. We strive to keep your trading costs low which can increase your bottom line in a significant way.

We access more than 100 different routing strategies for our traders, and not all of them are created equal. We strive to help our traders trade as efficiently as possible, with among the lowest costs, to help maximize profit. All our trading platforms can be customized for a wide range of strategies, aggressive and passive, with access to light pools, dark pools, smart order routing (SOR), and midpoints. We arm our traders with the ability and knowledge to choose which routes are best for their personal trading style.

 Superior Trading Platforms                               

Not long ago superior technology was exclusively available to large hedge funds or institutional traders,not any more.We offer the same cutting edge technology to our traders. We offer Lightspeed,Takion & Sterling trading platforms – Your Choice! Our traders favorite – Lightspeed, offers automated risk management features, fast order placement using “point and click” or hot keys, and lightning-fast executions. Our traders have access to all exchanges and ECN’s, dark pools, midpoints, smart order routes, and other advanced execution strategies that the pros rely on when every second counts. There is simply no substitute for functionality, stability and speed


 Remote Trading           

We specialize in supporting remote traders all across the globe. Being a remote trader has never been easier. Now from your home, office, or even on the road with your laptop, you can utilize the same tools that our traders use on the office trading floor.


 Dedicated Technical Support  

A technical support team is available to all traders to answer your questions and guide you through any issues.  You get one direct phone line access to a local professional and knowledgeable support member that understands the ins and outs of trading, not just the technology.