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If you are good at trading and you have to grow further. Than we are here to help you.Our proprietary company has almost unlimited buying power. If you show constant profits we would be glad to provide you with more trading Buying Power and Risk Parameters to give you enough space to grow. If we see that you are good, we can even take your risks

   How it works?

Every trader that has account with us is subject to periodical “level check”. This usually happens every two weeks. Traders who show good skills and discipline get “level up” – that means we double their buying power and daily risk. If the trader is psychologically ready for this challenge – great, his income grows. If not – we put him or her back to original risk level. This helps traders break their internal bounds and leave their “comfort zone”.

                            Join the Team!

Feel ready to take more challenge? Contact us and show that you are good.Trade full time or part time. We have traders who started from trading 100 stocks per trade a year ago and now their average trade size is 5000 shares and more. Do not sit still – earn some extra income. You are only as good as the stocks you trade!

Ready to start trading?

Follow these five simple steps to open your trading account:

  • Contact us to get your copy of Agreement, read it and sign every page.
  • Make scanned copies of any two IDs with your photo on it.
  • Send Agreement and ID scans to our office via email.
  • Get the invoice to fund your account.
  • Transfer the funds and start trading!

We currently accept funds through bank transfers . Withdrawals are made to the same bank account from which the original funding was made – this it to protect your funds from fraud.

After you open and fund your account you will be given two sets of login/password combinations: one for your trading platform  and another for your personal area on the site where you will find your daily statistics. Please keep these passwords safe from unauthorized access.


1. Are you a registered Broker/Dealer?

Ans:- No. We are proprietary traders and trade through other brokers. Due to our large trading volume we are in position to negotiate best rates and conditions for our traders

2.Which markets do you provide access to?

Ans:- We provide access to NYSE,NASDAQ and AMEX.

3.What are the charges associated with trading?

Ans:- Trading platform charges,Execution charges(commissions),exchange and data fees.

4.How do i get paid and what are the charges?

Ans:- We transfer all payouts before 10th of every following month. e.g. for January month all payouts are transferred before 10th of February.Payout can be transferred to any account being provided by the trader and we only charge the fees charged by the bank for that transaction.Normally USD 50 for all international wire transfer.

5.Are there any other taxes/charges on my payout?

Ans:- We do not charge anything else and the trader himself is responsible for all his taxes. Kindly consult your own tax consultant.

6.Do you provide training?

Ans:- No. We only provide accounts to experienced traders

7.How do i fund my account?

Ans:- We accept only wire transfers for funding.We are working on other methods of funding (credit card,paypal) and notify as soon as we have them.

8.Do you have customer support?

Ans:- We have 24 hour customer support for all markets. In addition to our Skype support we also assign one account manager for all individual accounts. Each trader have contact details of a local support manager.

9.How much money do i need to deposit in my account?

Ans:- Since we provide our own capital to trade, we only ask for the risk deposit. Your trade size and risk credentials will be according to your deposit and/or performance as a trader.

10.OK. I got it. Now what to do to get started?

Ans:- Write an email to us or fill the form on Contact Us page and one of our account manager will get in touch with you.

Happy Trading……











1. Margin stock trading involves high level of risk that can be inappropriate for some persons. You can make big money, but you can also loose a lot!

2. 90% of traders loose their money. 5% of traders are making small amounts that only cover their trading expences. And only 5% of traders make money, and they make GOOD money because they get it from the rest 95%.

3. Previous results can not guarantee future incomes. Even most experienced traders have losses, and sometimes that losses can be BIG. Never invest in trading if you are not ready to loose.

This disclosure should warn you that trading stocks is not for everyone. We do our best to limit your losses (this includes daily risk management, loss limits etc) but we cannot guarantee that you will be making money on a day-to-day basis.

Be warned and be disciplined – only then you will be able to profit.