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GlobalMarkets is a privately held Proprietary trading firm focusing on providing access to U.S. equity markets to many traders through out the world.
Our traders trade firms capital and share generous payouts with unmatched execution cost.We provide multiple trading platforms to choose from including Lightspeed trader, Takion and Sterling Pro. 

GlobalMarkets was founded by a team of traders who sought to create something unique in the    industry; a proprietary trading firm that would enable experienced as well as novice traders the means and opportunity to expand their business through highly competitive rates, and to offer apprentice traders one-on-one mentor-ship from a staff of committed trading professionals.


 About Us

We started in 2012 as a community of traders who picked “in-play” stocks for Intraday trading. Our search for low commission plans and good trade conditions led us to establishing a “traders’ pool” with direct access to all electronic markets in U.S. Later in 2013 we rearranged our operations to a proprietary trading company, letting our customers to trade on our own accounts. We have been actively trading U.S. Equity markets since past 10 years.

GlobalMarkets was founded in 2012 by a group of experienced traders who felt the professional trading community needed more choice. Their goal was to become an industry leader by providing reliable software geared towards speed of execution, lower cost transactions and higher payouts. We have partnered with trading groups in many countries to provide best execution services,almost all trading platforms and unmatched local help desk services to ensure that every trader who chooses GlobalMarkets knows they are a valued member of the firm. Where we provide services we have our local representative group to ensure that each trader has 24 hours local help desk representative to sort any technical or non- technical issues.So far we have our groups in Europe (London,Spain,Germany, any many more),India, China, Balgium,Bulgaria, Japan, Spain,Philippinse,UAE (Dubai and Quatar),


Our Traders

GlobalMarkets has opportunities for every type of trader. The people who most commonly seek out our firm generally fall into one of the following categories:—

                   Floor Traders

We regularly hire like minded people to train and trade at our trading facility to trade firms capital while they enjoy the lowest trade cost,best trading platforms with round the clock support and Highest payouts.

                   Remote Traders

Experienced professional traders coming from another proprietary trading firm looking to take advantage of our multi-product trading model and low trading costs.Our traders Gain access to firms capital, faster executions and lower costs

Our Tech Support :-


We provide full Pre market-Market-Post Market Tech support. Each of our remote trader have access to one local phone number as well as email and Skype support.